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Snowy day in the hills

Tuesday we had another storm that started out during the night as snow & by morning had turned to freezing rain.  Everything was closed & it rained on & off all day making everything a mess.
 Wednesday morning we woke up to about an inch of snow in our driveway.  We headed out to dog school at 9:15am & stopped at the park so Molly could have a quick run.  I did not get out of the car for two was very icy on top of the snow & I was wearing my uggs(heaven forbid those boots see snow!)
 When we got up into the hills of West Glenville they had had a couple more inches & it was a winter wonderland!
 You can't really tell from the pictures but this road is very hilly & winding so not fun to drive in bad weather!

 We made it to dog school but the lot wasn't plowed so ended up going back home!

Special Day to always remember.

Today is my mother's birthday....Happy Birthday are missed so much! 



These are some pics of took of LiLi playing the piano


Birds & full moons

The pilated woodpecker came for breakfast
 Look at how he can swivel his neck around

 Spooky shot of the full moon

Happy Birthday to Molly

I forgot to post these......Molly turned 8(56 in dog years) on Jan 4th
 The "hang-dog" expression!
" Did you say cake?"
 "Or maybe go to the park?"

More of crazy Molly

This dog just loves the snow
About halfway through our hikes she decides to find a stick
Then run like crazy with it

She decided she wanted this one
She kept barking at me like she couldn't understand why I didn't throw it!


Hiking in the snowy woods

On new year's day I tool Molly over to the new park for a long hike.  It was so beautiful as it had snowed & the trees looked like they been frosted.  Of course I hadn't brought my camera as it was just her & I so it's hard to carry everything
I went back the next day with the camera.....not quite as pretty but still photo-worthy
 One of the new trails takes us close to the horse farm

This stream snakes its way around the property

Take a look at this you see a monster?

Baby pine trees trying to grow
This is another new trail that just opened