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Home but not among the living

I got "yelled" at by my daughter this morning for not having updated my here "in a nutshell" is the reason why! I did a totally "stupid" move on our way home from Newark on Thurs......tripped, fell on my face & without going into the "gory details" have 4 stitches in my nose & look like I went 7 or 8 rounds with Mike Tyson!!!! Enough said!

This is Sophia in her highchair on Saturday eating congee (homemade by Gramma Jo). She seems to be adjusting slowly to being home but her nights are still a little are ours..... so we can understand. She is an amazing baby & seems to deal with what life throws at her very well. I still don't think we have seen the "real Li Li " yet but do get some glimpses.

China was totally awesome & I'm so glad I got experience the whole trip with them. Mark & Dani just took on the role of parents like they had been doing it forever! One of the bes…

I DAY...........5 DAYS TO SOPHIA!!!

I didn't get a chance to update this morning - too many things to do! Got my hair cut, nails done & had to take my car to get an estimate at a body shop. My sweet husband is having all the "dings" taken care of while I'm away(he knows how "anal" I am about my car). We are leaving somewhere around 8:00 am tomorrow as we need to be at Newark around noon. Popster is driving us there but has planned to have a limo pick us up so Dan's Mom, sister Renee, Aunt Diane & cousin Sheri can come to the airport - what a nice guy!!!!!! I think JoAnn is planning to take a couple days so she can be there as well!

Here's a sneak preview of the easter outfit I made for Sophia-

She has her choice of purses-

I normally would not put a picture of my feet on the blog but this is per request of TB (- a fellow blogger)

2 DAYS.........6 DAYS TO "GOTCHA" DAY!

We are running out of time............2-1/2 years just crept by. The last 5 weeks went by in a flash!!!!
I have started to pack but it's not easy as I have a dog "glued" to my leg! Liza has followed my every move since the suitcases came out. She wouldn't eat today so I have a feeling she will be a "piece of work" while I'm gone. Popster will have his hands full!

3 DAYS ............7 days to "gotcha" day!

It is getting to be "panic" time............making a list - checking it twice! Dani & I are going out today for get our "tootsies gussied up" ready for sandals!

PS. Dani & I had a great time today starting with an hour work-out at the gym. Check & double checked Sophia's clothes, medicines, bottles, diapers etc. Then we did some last minute shopping, had lunch & went for pedicures. We managed to kill the entire day & I had to call the Popster & tell him I would be home late. At one point I looked at her & said how did I used to fit in time to work???? Uhm - now there's a thought - don't panic Lisa if you are reading this I'll be back!!!

Happy Birthday to Dani!

Happy birthday Dani.........just think in 8 days you will be holding the "perfect present"! Can't wait! Love always Mom & Popster

Try again!!!!

Ok I will try again............Happy 28th birthday Kevin!! (sorry you are too late......... we had cake yesterday!).

Susan - you are so right! I not only met myself, I was on my way again!!!

PS If you want to get technical with the 5 hour time difference I only missed by a couple of hours!!!

For you "american" people read the comments on yesterday's post for some great "english" humor!!

Oh yes...........5 DAYS and counting.............


Today is my nephew Kevin's 28th b'day.
Have a great day love A.Val & U.Dennis

6 DAYS........................& Popster has a new "toy"

It is less than a week until we leave & my list is not getting much shorter................especially when my dear hubby decides to start looking for another vehicle. After looking on the internet Weds night I reluctantly agreed to go with him yesterday was supposed to be a "look & see" what he might like. By noon he had bought anew vehicle! What happened? He is always the impulsive one & I usually am able to "rein" him in so we shop around! I guess I must be slipping!
Today I must get my nose to the grindstone & get my stuff done. It is Dani's last day at & I will be helping her with last minute things next week.

NOTE: For my children..........before you ask YES we are spending your inheritance!

8 DAYS...............and it's raining!!!

It's 6:15 am & I'm not able to walk as it is raining!!!!!! Not just rain - freezing rain!!! Couldn't walk last night because it was raining!!! I'm going crazy............guess I have to go do my ironing??????

12 DAYS & COUNTING...............

It doesn't seem possible that after all that time of waiting that things could start to happen so quickly! Mark & Dani got their consulate approval Thurs & by Fri the travel agency had been in touch & our flights are booked. We will be leaving Newark at 3:00 pm on Thurs March 13th & will arrive in Hong Kong on Fri March 14th at 6:55 pm(12 hour time difference). The flight is 15.55 hours - yikes! I don't care I found out I can take my knitting needles so Sophia should be good for a couple more sweaters! We will spend Sat on a guided tour of Hong Kong & leave for Nanning on Sunday March 16th. "Gotcha" day on Monday????? Will be finding that out on this Monday........we hope. Say tuned for updates!

PS For those of you keeping track. My sink & faucet have been installed along with the new shower. The dishwasher was installed last weekend & the new stove came yesterday. The wallpaper has all been stripped off & the walls are sport…