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Blah & gloomy days

We've had a lot of days like this
 .....very gloomy
 ....lots of clouds sun snow
 ......even the river is not completely frozen
 ......very strange winter!

"Do you like my hat?"

LiLi is doing so well with her piano lessons
 Here they are doing a new song so Popster plays it for her & she starts to play as soon as she can follow along

 Styling a couple new hats


Snow Storm...what snow storm?

While everyone else on the east coast was holed up because of the snow storm this what we did

 This Ballston Lake which you can see is still not completely frozen!
 The only snow in the fields is on the shady side of the hedges
 We went to to bike path to walk & it was clear sailing

 Oh wait we did experience a little snow underfoot
 Just a gorgeous day!

Molly had a birthday

Molly's birthday was on Jan 4th
She lets me put on all the birthday stuff......
.......& take a bizillion pics but she just gives me this look!
This is what she would rather do!

Special Day

Today is my mother's birthday....Happy Birthday are missed so much! 

New Year's Eve

We did our usual 1st night in Saratoga with beautiful weather ...not too cold!
 Dani joined us this year & as you can see LiLi loves this tradition(as she calls it)
 We stopped in to see the raptors

 Isn't this church beautiful?  We were there for the Mop & Bucket improv group who are fantastic.
 My favorite window display

 Here we are waiting in a long line for kettle is worth the wait!
 We stopped in to see the llamas.....I think they were bored as it was getting late!

 It was the 20th year so the fireworks were fabulous!