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Piano lesson & gymnastics

Every Weds night Popster goes to Mark & Dani's to give LiLi a piano lesson
It's a very special time for them & I was to share it one Weds

After the lesson she had to show off some of her gymnastic skills

Can you do this?

Spiders & such

This is what you deal with when you have a yard like mine with lots of trees
 All kinds of critters!
 This guy was hanging out on one of my windows
 This one had built it's web between the corner of the house & my plant

 When it became a "condo" & he invited other spiders to live there I decide I had to evict him!
 Some of my out of focus shots turned out pretty neat



Cannot decide which one I like better!

Feeding Frenzy


Why can't I pull the trigger?

Back in April before I went back to work my friend Eileen e-mailed me I asked if I wanted to go with her to the Gloversville Sewing store(quilter's heaven).  I was like.... be ready in fivemins!   Anyway off we went & when we walked through the door I was in total awe of all the sewing machines.  She had been there the week before to take her machine in for service & had looked at the newer models.  She ended up putting a deposit on Bernina 710 & I sat there & drooled while she was trying it out.  I went home & told Popster about my day & mentioned I had machine envy!   His answer "You really liked it?  Go buy it."  I couldn't even think about spending that much on a sewing machine

Fast forward to this past week when I finally had some time to go browse the store to see if that machine was still available.  Of course they had come out with a new line & that machine had been upgraded to the 740 & was still about the same price.  Howeve…

Belated birthday news

I know I'm really slacking when it comes to posting pics on this blog.  Life has been getting in the way.....I worked 6 days straight & opened 5 of them which causes me to walk around like a zombie.

 As you can tell by the goats we were at Scott's house
 We were there for a belated birthday party for Scott.

 LiLi had just come back from a week's vacation at Ocean City

 She said she was so excited to be going to Uncle Scott's...why?
 Because there is so many fun activities there.....funny girl!

Like feeding the fish  Anyone for a golf cart ride?

 LiLi's contribution to the party was "make your own brownie sundaes"  She made the brownies herself.  Do you like the way she has 5 cherries on hers!


No time for words


In Remembrance