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The Money Pit

I left the house at 4:30am this is what I found when I got home

That was the flagstone path that goes to the shed

Look how close they are to my garden

Those lines are where they have to dig yet

Lovely view....ugh!!!!



I was woken up around 3:30am yesterday by thunder as a line of severe storms were rolling through the area.  My alarm goes off at 4:00am so I figured I'd just get up.  I was standing in the kitchen waiting for the coffee pot when there was a blinding explosion in the back yard along with a huge clap of thunder.  It was like someone threw a bomb in the yard....needless to say it scared the crap out of me & I was waiting for a tree to fall.  We didn't see anything & I left the house at 7:00am while it was still raining.  Popster didn't see this until last night but it had struck this big oak that is about 15 feet from our sun room.
 It just stripped that piece of bark right off the tree

 Makes the expression "Don't mess with Mother Nature" become very real!


Doing cartwheels

LiLi wanted to show off her gymnastic skills........
..........doing cartwheels

Whoops.....didn't quite make the landing!


The bubble maker

The perfect summer afternoon calls for making bubbles.  Of course Molly had to be part of the action & was trying to catch them.


Random Thoughts

It's hard to believe we are more than halfway thru July.....where did summer go to?  I have worked more this year which would explain some of that.  I am doing the junior golf league again this year which is, as always, a lot of fun.  I seem to get more younger kids each year which makes it harder for me but they are so damn cute it's worth it.  Might explain why the first week someone reported that there was an "over-zealous mother" driving around the course in a golf cart!

The finches have decided the boston ferns are there just for them & have been nesting in them all year.

They were supposed to start digging the money pit today but I put them off until next week as I need to move some plants from one of the gardens.