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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all. It's a bitter sweet day as we all expected to have Sophia here all dressed up in the pumpkin costume I bought her last year..........I guess I shouldn't have got it but who knew. Anyway we are looking forward to seeing all Popster's kids dressed up & also to see if they can break the record for giving him the most Reeses peanutbutter cups!

Happy Anniversary Nigel & Susan Oct 29th 2007


To my dear brother & sister-in-law Nigel & Susan. Thirty two years!!! That is awesome!! Just think how proud Mother would be. Here's to many, many more! Love you guys!

The "Missing Rake"

The mystery of the "missing rake" was finally solved today - can you imagine - it managed to find it's way to a garage located on Brown St. almost 12 miles away from where it was last seen! I'm thinking that maybe Harry Potter is real & probably mistook it for a broomstick! Anyway last week I was forced into organizing my garden tools as the Popster was working on his "garage project" when I discovered my new rake that I had only had a chance to use once was missing. Thinking I could have left it leaning against one of the many trees on our property I spent the good part of 45 mins searching. Of course when I asked a certain person if he had seen it he denied all knowledge of the said piece of property. Now anyone who knows me knows I was just a little peeved & had a "hissy" fit about the nerve of someone "stealing" a rake so of course that certain person (aka "crusty") will never admit his part in the theft! No…

Baby news up-date

This is for all of my family in England who are wondering why they haven't heard any news for a while about the baby. Dani talked to CCAI (her agency) this week & they told her "best case scenario" would be a referral Dec 1st, "probable" would be Jan 1st & "worst case" would be Feb 1st. I don't think you have to guess which one is what we are hoping for. We need to see that little girl in this room soon!!!!!!

Happy B'day JoAnne

Today is JoAnne's --th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY daughter! Have a great time in Martha's Vineyard & we'll see you next weekend

Un-expected day off!

Much to my surprise I was given a day off today - I wonder why? I'm sure I'll be paying for it!!!! Anyway the "Popster" decide to hang around to do some more work on the garage - there went my plans for the day! It should have been a scene from Funniest Videos as we have "stuff" everywhere that we keep moving cus it's in the way & then it's in the way again!! I will be happy to go out later & do leaves alone!

Fall is back - Oct 12, 2007

The CCAA finally up-dated the web site - bad news - it was only 5 days! Not even into Dec! The chances of a Dec referral are about zero! The weather has gone from "summer-like" to Fall in one day. It is extremely windy with the temp around 50 deg. The leaves are blowing down like crazy! Guess what I'll be doing on my day off!


I am starting this blog as a way of staying in touch with family & friends & hopefully I will be able to keep it updated. Don't make me eat my words! The golf season should be winding down although you'd never know it from the weather which has been incredible - in the high 70's to low 80's & no rain. I am celebrating my first Sat off since March but of course there is a price to pay!.. I start my new hours tomorrow, Sun, Mon 6:00am to 6:30ish, Tues, Weds 11:30am to 6:30ish, Thurs 6:00am to 1:00pm then Fri, Sat off. The days are getting shorter so it will get easier. Stay tuned for further update & feel free to leave comments!