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Where's Waldo Molly?????

Tues afternoon & I got a frantic phone call at work from the Popster saying Molly was missing. I was like "Huh how could she be! She was in the house when I left how could she get out?" He then hung up on me & wouldn't answer his phone when I called him back. That's cus he was frantically running through everyone's yard & ringing doorbells!

Meanwhile back at the ranch house Molly was sitting in the bathroom wondering why her crazy owner wouldn't let her out! Apparently she wandered in there & the door closed on her so she couldn't get back out!

"My Bleeding Heart"

"I miss my bathroom!!"

Dennis L. & John came early Sat morning & "gutted my entire bathroom..........all the way down to the studs. While they were working they had the front door wide open (BRRRR it was cold & rainy) so it would be easy to carry the stuff out to the dumster ("tip" for you english people!) that was in the driveway. Miss Molly was in her much action......& was very nosy about the whole project. The room isn't that big & she would be right in there with them watching every move they made. After a while I noticed she kept running in & up the stairs, & then running back outside. Finally Dennis L. yelled "your dog is stealing stuff!" I went to see what was going on as she came running in, up the stairs & running back out with a piece of tile in her mouth. I went out to look & here she was laying on the front lawn surrounded by her "stash" of pieces of sheetrock, tile etc. She had been watching them &am…

"Would you like fries with that?"

About a month ago Popster & I decided it was time to up-date our bathroom..............why now when I am back to work & presently working 6 days a week....I have no clue. It's just the way we do things around here!

Our bathroom is the original & I had painted & decaled(spell checker doesn't like this word) the vanities to "pretty" it up but it is peach! How many people do you know that have a "peach" bathroom????? We are "gutting" the entire room down to the studs!! Yikes!

We went out looking for ideas & finally had our "plumbing guy" come over to see what he thought. He told us to go out & get all the fixtures & call him when we were ready. He also gave us a list of what we needed & where to go for everything. It rained a couple of weeks ago & I had the day off so I called Popster & told him to meet me at our local plumbing store. We started with the tub & shower surround, which was pretty sim…

"Did you say deep! Glug Glug Glug!"

Sunday we took a hike on the bike path that goes through Round Lake village, the last section of which goes along the Anthony Kill. Duffy is even more a "water dog" than Molly so he decided to take a dip. Molly is like the typical "bratty" kid & has to do what everyone is doing so she followed him in, not realizing it would be over her head!

I think this picture is so funny......the expression is priceless!

"I'm outta here!"

She's trying to dry off!

This is out of focus but is of her in there for a second time, so she wasn't too scared!

More Spring

RIP Liza

You were a very special part of our family for a long time...........we still miss you!

Happy 8th Birthday Daniel

Don't let that innocent face fool you......take a look at the red hair & freckles......he definitely takes after his grandfather!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Keira!

Up-dated post

I owe my nephew James an apology....I forgot to post his birthday so please go back to March 31st & wish him a happy 12th birthday!

Easter Sunday

I had to work in the morning but Popster took care of dinner so when I got home I could relax for a while until everyone came over. It was so much fun finding eggs with LiLi!

Of course we had our customary walk down to the corner to throw stones in the storm drain.

Happy Easter

I'm still alive......working a lot of hours so not much blogging time! Working this morning & then going home to hide easter eggs for Miss LiLi....should have some pictures tomorrow.
Look how beautiful these crocus are!

Happy Birthday Jeffrie

Jeffrie is 16 years old today!