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It's Josh's birthday today!!! Oh my.............where did all those years go! It seems only a couple years ago I was helping you ride your bike down the "BIG HILL"!!

Love you - have a wonderful day!

Living Room & the big screen!

Here are the pictures of the living room & the big screen tv that started the whole redo we have been going through for the past 2-1/2 months. It was worth it........we are really enjoying what we did! Now I need to get back to my original to-do list!

Yes that is one of my"fav" golfers (Phil) on the screen........Sunday was a great day as my all time "fav" (Fred Couples) was in the final group with Phil. I didn't know who to root for!

One of my finished projects

Do you remember this from a post back in January?

All finished with the cutest of models wearing it!

We no longer see the news thru rose-colored glasses!

All is right with the world again. It was our cables that were bad so after having to take the tv down again & restring the wires we are back to having a beautiful picture on the tv! I spent the afternoon putting things away & now I love my living room. I will take some pictures & post them tomorrow.

Why does it always get so complicated????

It has felt like I have been trying to tie up the "loose ends" to this remodeling project for ever...................I just wanted it to be done!! I really thought today was it but things never go according to plan. They were delivering the furniture today, I had Josh coming over with a friend to carry the old couch out to the garage, I had arrange for that to be picked up by the City Mission tomorrow, someone from a non-profit home furnishing program was coming to pick-up the old tv, vcr, stereo & assorted stuff. Sounds good right? Wrong!! Got the couch out to the garage - no problem. Delivered furniture - no problem. They had even put the entertainment center together & took the other one away - no problem.

Here's where "the plan" started to un-ravel! I very carefully unplugged the cable/dvr box & threaded the wire thru the back of the cabinet. Then just as carefully plugged them back in the EXACT WAY they were. Turned on tv to make sure …

"Dog in Boots"

Poor Liza has issues with her toe nail on her back feet...............she kinda drags her feet as she walks because of her arthritis so she has worn down the middle two toe nails on each foot! Sometimes they start to bleed as they are worn down to the quick, which happened last week while we were walking, but she just keeps up with us without complaining so we didn't see it until we were home! I decided we'd try the boots again so these pics are of her "practicing walking in them before we left!

It didn't work - she lost them before we got out of the driveway!!!

Valentine's Bubbles

We had Mark, Dani & Li Li over for dinner tonight for their anniversary dinner. I had a valentine's bag of "goodies" for Li Li which included some bubbles. These are some pictures of her & Pop(that's what she calls him now) playing with them after dinner! We were very entertained by the two of them for quite a while! She certainly made Poster's day today has he was definitely her "fav".....he got to help open her present, was served numerous cups of tea & was given both the donut & the slice of cake during the tea party! Pop rules!!!!!

Happy Valentines's Day to all......

Happy Anniversary Mark & Dani!

Eleven years ago today you became a couple.........................

Now look at what a beautiful family you are!

Happy anniversary to you both!

What happened to customer satisfaction?

I have spent the last few weeks shopping either on-line or in stores to complete the projects we have been working on since November. For the most part everyone seems to "bend over backwards" to make the consumer happy especially on-line stores like Amazon &
In fact I even bought our big screen tv from Amazon& I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone to buy one from them - it was free shipping which was scheduled by the freight company as to what time they bring it. It was brought into the house , unpacked & tested before they left!
Which leads me to why I feel the need to rant. After literally pounding the pavement from store to store to find a couch & entertainment center for the living room I finally narrowed it down to a few choices so I could talk the Popster into going shopping with me! He liked the choices so we bought them last night at Taft furniture. We scheduled delivery for the couch for next week but went to their warehouse to get…

Up-dated pictures of family room

I just realized I never posted the pics of the family room after we got the tv up - I found them on my camera as I was taking pictures of the living room. We have actually changed the tv so I need to do a re-shoot but this will do for now. The mount I bought was overkill & showed when you looked at the tv from an angle so we got a smaller one & used this one for the "big" tv upstairs!
The tv is also lower as we had it too high before!

We really love the new changes & Popster has been playing the piano again - it sounds so much better in this room!

Li Li's birthday party

Mark & Dani had a party for Miss Li Li on Saturday - just family. She was her usual cute self but then came time to light the candles on her cake & sing Happy Birthday. She sat in her high chair & her eyes just went from one person to another all the way around the room, with a look of wonder on her face - it gave me goose bumps! Dani, Renee, JoAnn & I all had tears watching her! The look of pure joy she had before blowing out the candles was incredible. We did it several times & she would just look around & say "Agen" with the face no one could resist. We just keep repeating over & over again - how did we get blessed with this special little girl?
This was a very special day as it was the first birthday we got to celebrate with her & she made it very memorable for us. We love you Li Li with all our hearts!
Check out the pics here

Guess who is two years old?

Our sweet Li Li is two years old today!!! Happy Birthday to our little angel.

Hugs & kisses. Luv you! Nana & Papa

The pots & pans arrived

The doorbell rang while I was fixing dinner - UPS had left a box on the doorstep. It was the pots & pans tv mount. Poster walked upstairs & saw the package sitting there & said: "Oh I see the pots & pans came!"

Yes - he has a sense of humor!

Do you think she liked it???

Liza could be the perfect "poster child" for the ASPCA - she is getting soooooo skinny every bone shows! In my effforts to tempt her appetite I decided to try Rachael Ray's "Nutrish" all natural dog food that she just started to market

Do you think she likes it????

In this shot she had it all the way on her head but I was a little slow with the camera!

"One year ago today"

This is the face we saw one year ago today!

This is the face we see today - no words needed!

Go here to read about her!

"Who are you? What have you done with my husband?"

NOTE: No husbands were killed during the following - just slapped up the side of the head!

This is such a great example of "what she said" "what he heard". The following conversation took place yesterday - just so it makes sense Tues morning I told Popster I had ordered the tv mount but there was a little problem because it wouldn't be shipped until Fri, which meant we wouldn't get it until the middle of next week.

He said:(walking in the door with a huge package) "This was on the front steps - it's from Amazon - it must be the tv mount"

She said: "No, it's my pots & pans - that was quick I only ordered them yesterday!"

Approx fifteen mins later during our brisk pre-dinner walk.

He said: "I can't believe the tv mount got here that quick. Maybe I can put it up tomorrow"

Liza's surprise package!

This is what I found in the mailbox you can see it is addressed to Liza! It was from my sweet SIL sister(that's what I call her) Susan all the way from England. She has been following my blog & found a "treat ball" for Liza.

Of course we had to try it out immediately, even tho the groceries were waiting to be put away! Some days you have to get your priorities straight!

Just one problem Liza doesn't hear the treats fall out of the ball, that along with not seeing so good, she kept missing them! Poor old lady it's tough to get old!

Susan, thank you so much for thinking of Liza.......she would give you a sloppy kiss if she could!

PS. At least now I know someone reads my blog!