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This is supposed to be Spring????

This is the craziest spring weather we've had in a long time.........tomorrow is June 1st & we could get a frost tonight with a possibility of snow in the Adirondacks. I am beginning to despair of ever finishing my yard this year. We had a week of rain & then Friday it got a little better but I ended up spending most of the day doing the flower beds at the golf course. Sat was an adventure as I thought Miss Molly's first obedience class was at 9:00 AM & I was taking her (Popster plays golf on Saturdays). I got her in my car & had to drive about a mile & a half but by the time we got there she was drooling & very unhappy. I had the date wrong.....doesn't start until the 13th DUH! Back in the car we went & she threw up before we got home. Cleaned her up & had to put her back in the car to go to the groomers...about a 6 mile ride. Of course she didn't make it so had to clean her up again & then leave her in a strange place - poo…

Life with Miss Molly

When Popster & I decided we would begin the search for another dog about the only we were in agreement with that we would not try to replace Liza. I had been doing a lot of research on-line & had found a couple of possibilities but never anything local.......or even in New York State for that matter!! I had even suggested driving about 300 miles (one way) to look at one dog I found. We finally decided to look at some shelters & rescue groups locally & decided if either one of us said no to a dog we would walk away no questions asked. Sunday morning I got up & started my usual search of the shelters & the one up the street which happens to be the first one on the list......starts with an A! They usually only had a couple of dogs mostly pitbull mix! I couldn't believe it when I saw a labradoodle as we had been checking out standard poodle or poodle mix dogs.

Needless to say we were "camped out" the the parking lot at 11:45 AM - they opened at n…

"Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!"

The first 24 hours( minus a couple)

She peed on my living room carpetTore up rug in kitchenGave me a bloody lipPeed in living room againWalking on leash she alternated between biting the back of my leg or Popster'sThrew up inthe back of Popster's SRV........he had it detailed two days ago to the tune of $125.00!Tore up other rug in kitchenJumped on table after Popster's steakPeed on floor in kitchenJumped on table to steal newspaperChewed up dried hydrangea flowersWas found sleeping on the new couch with her head on the new pillowTugged kitchen rug around again

Introducing our latest family member

this is Miss Molly - she is a 5 month old Labradoodle! & YES we are NUTS!!!!!


Happy birthday to my big brother Terry...........have a wonderful day!


Pigs for chickens?????

Remember this? Well those poor animals are now a distant memory.......well if we all check our freezers not so distant. Now we have these.......

Miss Li Li loved the chicken & while we were at Scott's for Jessie's birthday kept talking whoever she could into taking her downstairs to visit.

She loved the "lellow" one!

Happy 14th Birthday Jessica

Happy birthday Jessie - I can't believe you are 14 already!!!!!