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Vischer's Ferry Nature Preserve

Yesterday we met Bob & Noreen in Vischer's Ferry to take our walk along another part of the river.

To begin we walked towards Lock 7 & the dam

I found a couple of really neat pieces of driftwood for the garden.


We then drove up to the preserve & walked that section

We were walking along the old canal which had this green, slimy water in....guess who decided to go it it??? Oh yes Molly!

Here we are letting her swim in the river to hopefully wash off some of the slime!

She is such a nut in the water! We plan on walking another section next week...............I guess she will not be allowed off leash!

Indiankill Nature Preserve

Saturday afternoon we took a break from working in the yard to take Molly over to the nature preserve. It is right around the corner from where we live & has always been one of my favorite walks. It i s very hilly so is quite a good work-out. It has been very dry this spring so the Indiankill doesn't have the usual amount of water in it.

I'm not sure if this is a butterfly....there was a lot of them around but I didn't have the zoom lens with me so this is as close as I could get.

This is the waterfalls & Molly just freaked out & ran around like crazy!

When she finally came out of the water she rolled around in the dry leaves & then started all over again!

This gives you an idea of how steep parts if the trail is.

We call this "heartbreak hill"!

Flowers & Molly

Just a couple shots of the flowers in my yard right now......I am finally getting some annuals planted. Haven't made a very big dent in the pile of mulch though & I curse it every time I have to back my car around it coming out of the gararge.

Molly wanted part of the action!

River walk - Sunday

We met Bob & Noreen at Kiwanis park Sunday afternoon........we had decided to go later in the day so we could get some yard work done first. The bike path follows the river & then crosses the road & follows some water up to the railroad tracks. It is a very scenic walk with the hills along side.

Molly decided she needed to see over the barrier that stops people from crossing the tracks.

There was a trail going up the hill which we decided to explore...I kept saying I could hear traffic getting closer. Guess what was a freight train & this is how close we were to it!!!!

When we got back to the park we let the dogs go swimming. Big brave Molly was afraid of the "little" waves

This is where we sat & had our picnic we had brought with us - a beautiful late afternoon supper!

No up-date on bathroom

This is what we have been looking at for the last two plus weeks.....the false front was damaged & was also very crooked so I had to call my buddy Wolfgang who finally agreed to come out & look at it. He showed up with his "handy dandy" drill in his little "pocket book" & after trying unsuccessfully to fix it decided to call the manufacturer & get us a new piece.

I was watching him work & the only thing I could think of was "did your Mother name you Wolfgang because she knew you would grow up to be a nerd"

When I saw him to the door I noticed his car in the was a yellow-gold & green station wagon!!!! Where did he get that from.....I don't think it could have been a regular color. Who else would ever drive a car that color????

One year with Miss Molly......................

To say she has completely taken over our lives would be an understatement..........especially Popster............she goes everywhere with him now. In fact her nose gets completely bent if he tells her no & leaves her home. She has such an enthusiasm for everything & believes all things are for her entertainment.

There are days when she has me totally frustrated with last Friday. I was working in the garden & she was right underfoot, trampling on my flowers, biting the shovel when I was trying to spread mulch. When I was ready to leave for the golf course she would not come to me & played the "run away" game for about 15 mins to the point where I was so frustrated as I was late. I finally went in the house for a few minutes to "cool off"! After about 5 minutes I opened the back door & there she was laying in the garage with her front legs crossed as if to say "What took you so long"! The only time she crosses her legs is when …