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Birthday gifts

LiLi had to show off her new sandals

Mark made this out of an old bed
It took me a while but I finally decided it would look good here

The enamel bowl came from Popster's grandma

This was so big & heavy that it had to be delivered by trailer
There was no changing my mind once I picked out a place for it


Father's day

I am so behind posting pictures on my blog........I keep getting shut out of my google account & it's the most annoying when it comes to being able to reset passwords etc.
Anyway enough said & here are some father's day pics
LiLi & Popster have found a special bond through music so I thought I'd look for some earlier pics of them.  I think this was taken when she had only been home a couple weeks This was on father's day

LiLi came up with the idea of making this as an end of year gift for her teacher