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Fueling up for the storm

I have a huge supply of bird food in my shed....problem is the shed door froze shut & I wasn't able to get it open.
 When I knew we were getting the BLIZZARD OF 2015(not...they were so wrong...we ended up with about 7-8 inches) on Tues I went out to buy bird food as I knew they would need it
 I got sunflower hearts as a special treat & these guys went crazy
 This is only one feeder ....there were just as many at the other feeders

 I think he saying "Get in line!"

 "What you looking at lady?"

 One lonesome mourning dove eating the leftovers!

Blue skies & snow

We haven't been able to walk around the park or Kinn's road most of this week because it's been treacherous. 
 We had a couple warm days so the top layer melts a little & then it ices over which makes it almost impossible to walk on.
 We had a couple inches of snow Sat morning so I decided yesterday that Molly needed to run so I would brave the cold & hope the layer of snow would make it easier to walk.
 She is so into routine & sunday morning mean a long run at the park with or without Popster!
 As you can see she had no problem negotiating the not so good but at least I didn't fall on my tush!
 My biggest problem was trying to maneuver everything I was carrying & still take pics without losing a glove or mitten.

 She's such a good dog & will always wait for me to catch up


Whose vacation is it?

I took Popster to the airport this morning for his annual golf trip to Florida.  He was very excited about's his christmas present from me every year.  It's also my christmas present to me!  It means I can do my thing without having to cook or clean for a few days.  I plan on holing up in my sewing room & maybe coming out to eat once in a while.

Oh wait.....I do need to feed & walk Molly!
 I decided this year to attempt a 365 project......that is to take a picture every day for a year.  Don't know far I'll get with it but I started a blog(click here to see it) to hold myself accountable. 

Time will tell!

Aaaaah comfy waterbed!

Mr Kitty went back to college last saturday
I have to admit I really miss him
The last couple days he was here he was stuck to me like glue....when he wasn't stretched out on our bed like this!
Doesn't he look comfy?


Special Day

Today is my mother's birthday....Happy Birthday are missed so much!


Predator on loose

The day after I took those pics of the birds on the feeders we were watching them all from the sun room when they suddenly flew away
 Jessie happened to spot something in the trees
 Yup that is a red tailed hawk
 Just a baby as he doesn't have his red tail yet...they get that in their second year.
 He sat there for quite a while until Tyler decided he wanted a closer look

 As soon as he went outside he flew away.  I was surprised to see a hawk in our yard because we have so many trees the little birds are usually protected.

Being eaten out of house & home!

I cannot keep the bird feeders full this year
They are only little guys but there are so many of them
It has been so cold which is why they need more food than normal