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My new toy

I just bought a new lens for my was a christmas present from Popster & it took me all this time to decide which one to buy.  I was torn between the 85mm & a wide angle 10-24mm(which by the way is on my wish list).
I haven't a lot time to play with it but it is supposed great for portraits & macro.
These were taken out of the window from the sun room
Molly "suffered" through being my model for some portraits
Don't you love the expression?  I swear there's a real person inside that head!
These are close-ups of the potpourri on my table

So far I'm liking it a lot!

No time to really play with it as I now have two more rooms to empty....I was hoping to be able to do the closets by myself but we're having another "freakin" snow storm which was supposed to start around noon today with anywhere from 3 to 16 inches(the computer modules are fighting amongst themselves as to how much....if you can picture that in your head!)  They are having early dismissal for schools which may backfire as it started snowing a 7:30am. 

Maybe those computer modules need some serious counseling!

Maybe I will too if I have to hear Popster say: "I can't believe how many clothes you own!" or "Do you really have this many pairs of shoes?"  over & over again!

Wish me luck!


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Happy birthday to my big brother Terry...........have a wonderful day!


We went to JoAnne & Peter's for thanksgiving this year.  They were cooking dinner & Josh & Carol were going to be there
 Molly is always game for a road trip!

 It was gray , gloomy day & kinda chilly by the river
 Sadie is such a cutie
 We couldn't get Addie to pose as cute
 Josh got there first as Carol had to work......these dogs just love him

 I forgot to take pics of the table but everything was so good & JoAnne made apple pie!
 We spent the night & left for home after breakfast on Friday.  Our GPS sent us home a different way & we crossed the Tappan Zee bridge.  They are building a new one so lots of work going on

 One of those big cranes toppled over a few weeks ago.....they are so tall
 Look at the size of that one!
 As you know I love bridges

Snowy day in the park

I have an abundance of snow pics.  Between last Thurs & Monday we had 20 inches of snow!  We are so done with this white stuff!
 But I do have to admit it is pretty

 Makes for great pictures
 And you'll see from the next few pics how much Molly loves it!

   We take a two second pause.....
 ......& off again

 I do hope the hornets went to Florida for the winter

 This sums up the whole walk!