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What is it with those keys????

Yesterday when I got home there was only about an hour plus a few minutes of daylight left in the day. Popster stayed home with the billy goat & the piles of leaves while my neighbor & I walked the dogs. When I got back I wanted a turn using the billy goat..........don't ask why but probably so I can put in my two cents about it! Anyway because the bag is so big & not easy to take off we just open up the back & pull the leaves out onto a tarp which then gets dragged down the hill in the back yard to be dumped.

Next thing I know I'm being waved down by Popster who says he needs help. He had just discovered his keys were missing! He figured he had put them in the front pouch of the hoodie he was wearing & that they must have fallen into the pile of leaves he dumped down the hill! We then had the following conversation

Me:  "When did you have them last?"

Him:  "Don't know"

Me:  "How did you unlock the door?"

Him:  "Don't know"

Clearly this was going nowhere so I checked all the places he leaves them while he started sifting thru the leaf pile. I went outside & tried to get another insight as to when he had them last but got nowhere again! One of the places I didn't check was the key holder by the back door which most people would check first but you have to know Popster. Why on earth would you ever put your keys on something that's only purpose in life is for, when you can leave them in the door or in the ignition of your vehicle?

Guess where I found the keys!!!!!


  1. My guess was the mouse had borrowed the car and needed the keys!

    I threw mine in the trash one night, by mistake. Before I figured it out the garbage men had taken them away!


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