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"Did you say the ZOMBIES are coming?"

I take Miss Molly for a long walk every morning but have started going a little later now it getting it'a awful dark at 5:30AM! My morning route now takes me around the neighborhood when the middle & high school kids are being picked up. The last couple mornings have been warmer but with a lot of humidity so we've had patchy fog. It's not quite daylight so it's kinda eerie & surreal feeling. Every morning I see this one boy waiting by himself on the corner & I always say good morning. He's a cute blond hair blue eyed innocent looking kid but he never answers me.....just kinda gives me a half smile. Of course, you know me, I will keep saying it anyway.

Well yesterday I was a few minutes earlier & he was walking towards me. He looked at me & said "Do you mind if I say something?" I'm like "Of course not!"

He says "Have you noticed how spooky it's been every day! You know they're coming! The ZOMBIES are coming! They're going to take over the world!"

I felt like I had suddenly stepped into another time zone that was a cross between Harry Potter & the Twilight series!

I just stuttered something about his vivid imagination & started walking away!

He was yelling after me "We can stop them! It's just a 7 step program. It's all perfectly normal"



  1. I'm cracking up thought he looked innocent huh? BWA ha ha ha ha .

  2. You dived right in sis I allso think its funny.

  3. I am working on getting the low-down on this kid. Popster is good friends with his bus driver so maybe I can find out if he was messing with my mind!


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