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Goodbye is the hardest word!

All too soon it was the last night of our trip
Greg & Jennifer stopped over & Zoe, Barry & the "short guy" popped round

He's such a character!
We left early saturday morning for the airport.  Barry drove & we made it there in plenty of time.  Nigel is calling Terry as he & Lucy drove up from Canterberry to see us off.  They weren't able to visit while we were there.
I think he's smirking here as he just watched us have to repack our luggage in the middle of checking in.  One of the suitcases went over 50 lbs so I was frantically throwing dirty laundry & such into one of the carry on bags.
We found a coffee shop & had a nice visit with Terry & Lucy before we had to say goodbye
This is part that is no fun but we got through it & headed for security

 Piece of cake compared to Newark when we left & we're thinking no problem when we realize one of our bags didn't come thru. Guess what! It had set off alarms & now they want me to unpack it. I have to pull out my dirty laundry....yes those things! I had thrown a bunch of things from my cosmetic bag along with a jar of Branston pickles. They took it...bahwah...along with my good face cleanser & expensive face cream. I put on my best "Are you serious" act but I got no sympathy. He did say I could put some on before he threw it away. There was a cute Asian girl standing next to me who tried it & then suggested we ate the pickles!
We had an uneventful flight & arrived in Newark on time.  Came out of the airport & it was 75 degs.  Picked up our car & got on the road home.  We were bragging how we would make it back by around 6:00pm, so it wouldn't be really dark, when I got a weather warning on my phone for severe thunderstorms.  We could see it off to the west & when I looked at the radar I knew it was gonna be bad.  We were about an hour away when it hit us & it wasn't pretty.  Between the heavy rain & the wind we had to pull over,  There were sheets of water on the road & it was impossible to see.  We sat in a rest area for about 30 mins & then got back on the road but could still only do about 40mph so it took a while to reach Albany.  The lightening show was unreal!  We stopped at Mark's to get Molly & had a quick bite with them before going on to Kile drive
I think this picture sums up that Molly is happy to be home!


  1. I loved your trip, thanks for the amazing photos. Glad you made it back...Heathrow airport is the home of many tears...wretched place.

    1. I knew you would enjoy them.....hopefully I can do it again soon!


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