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Virginia Beach

 We left Tom & Carol's early Thurs morning to head home & here's where things started to go downhill.  Popster was coming down with what we thought was a cold & hadn't felt good for a couple of days.  He was coughing most of the night Tues & Weds so consequently neither of us were getting any sleep.
 After being on the road for about an hour he wanted me to problem when I don't sleep at night I get very drowsy in the car.  We had reservations for a room in Virginia Beach which wasn't that far but we made multiple stops & drank gallons of coffee.
 We made it there by around 4:00pm with enough time to take Molly for a quick run on the beach

As you can see we were the only fools out there!

 I found a piece of driftwood
 This was an amazing man-made shell garden

 We found a place to get take-out & were holed up in our room by 6:00pm.  I was looking for the closest urgent care center for Popster because I was sure he would give in & want to go but he wanted to wait until morning.


  1. oh dear youl left us hanging?? Hope he is OK. How do you find beaches void of people? It's a knack.

    1. Probably because it was around 32 degs with a wind chill in the low 20's


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