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City dogs meet their country cousin

 I am looking at these pics which are from Thanksgiving weekend & seeing how bundled up we all are(JoAnne is wearing Popster's warm jacket as she didn't bring a coat).  I just got home from work & the golf course was insanely busy as it was in the 50's & sunny,  Crazy weather!
 JoAnne came Sat afternoon for a quick visit & brought her "city" dogs with her
 This is Sadie who is a puggle........
 ........& big sister Addy.  These dogs don't know what grass is as even the dog parks in New York City are a "concrete jungle"
 We walked the trails around Jenkins & they just ran & followed Molly.
 Popster with his granddaughter:)
 We had a tennis ball with us & they couldn't get enough of playing chase

 Popster & Jess playing "monkey in the middle"

 Isn't she cute.....she was on sale in the pet store because she has an under bite & no one would pay full price.  JoAnne & Peter rescued her for $600


  1. Aww, Popster and Jesse, be still my heart.
    Molly is so sweet to let cats and dogs into HER home, is she ever possessive?

  2. Molly is unbelievable........she just sits off to one side watching them play with her toys, drink from her bowl, jump on the couch(which she is not allowed to do) & does nothing about it! I would love to know what she is thinking:)


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