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Special birthday for the Popster!

I know I have been MIA for a few days but it's been a rough ride for the last couple weeks.  I lost a very good friend a few days before Christmas which was tough to take.  With the crazy weather we've had (70+ degs christmas eve) the golf course was still open & trying to keep up with the holiday rush seriously kicked my butt this year!
Check out "Miss Fashiondo"
In the middle of all this, this guy had a special big party this year.  We were threatened constantly that he would disinherit all of us!  Not that that scared us!!!
Don't you love this expression!

Of course he got the usual gag gifts

Someone did his usual "photobomb" with my camera!
The restaurant we had reservations at called last minute & said they had lost power so we had to do a last minute scramble & find somewhere else.....not easy when you have 13 people!  We got lucky & were able to get into a fabulous italian restaurant in Ballston Spa


  1. So very sorry about your friend. hugs
    Lovely photos of all fun things Popser. I think LiLi might be bigger then Ro


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