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Putting things in perspective

We are finally having some decent spring weather without morning frosts.  I open on Thurs mornings & yesterday was the first one this season that the tee times could begin early.  I went to work early knowing that my "regulars" would be there, well before first light ready to play.  First tee time was 6:00am but they were in the parking lot before 5:30am patiently waiting for me to finish getting carts out & unlock the doors!

It was was a beautiful morning, only a slight breeze & the birds were singing.  More cars started to pull in the parking lot.  Some of the members that play every day &  guys that like to get in a "quick 9" before work.  I started checking people in & sending them out the door when I was told by Greg they had to hold up for 20 mins as he was going be spraying the greens & he needed to get a couple holes ahead of everyone.  No big deal to to most of them........ they can still go play!  Just a little delay.  A twosome who were only playing 9 holes wanted to go on the back so I asked them to give me a minute while I checked to make sure it was okay.  The answer was no, the back nine is closed until 18 holers make the turn.  When I passed this info on to them I was told by one of them I had just ruined his entire day & that he hated the front nine!

Excuse me. I wanted so badly to say "I do believe your attitude ruined your day! "

Bit my tongue!

Meanwhile the rest of the golfers were waiting patiently by the first tee for 6:00am so they could start.  About 6:10 another twosome come in for their 6:15 tee time.  The younger of the two was around 30 years old & demanded to know why there were so many golfers by the first tee.  When I explained that no one had been able to tee off before 6:00 he proceeded to to have the worst temper tantrum I have ever seen because he wasn't the first group of the day off the tee.  It was like dealing with a 5 year old that couldn't have his own way.....he did everything but throw himself on the ground!  Nothing I said made any difference & they stormed out & left!  So rather than enjoy a beautiful day playing golf they chose to leave?

Again I apparently "ruined someone's day" !

Later on that morning the father(they were a father & son duo) called the pro & complained again over the fact that they weren't allowed to be the first group out!

On wednesday afternoon I found out that the secretary of the one of the leagues that play that day had had a heart attack & died the day before.  He was 51 years old!  I have worked at this golf course for a long time & these people become your friends so news like that is hard to take. 

 The last few months has been tough with losses like this!  It really puts things in perspective & "not being able to play the back nine or be the first group out" is certainly no reason to "have your whole day ruined!"


  1. So sorry for you loss.
    indeed, perspecitve is everything. I will never understand some people.

    One drove me so nuts with the negativity and me me me that I divorced him LOL shhhh, I didn't say that


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