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Christmas Day

We did the usual Christmas morning with Mark & Dani
These dogs just love Popster!
A light-up running hat for Mark..........I think he likes it!
LiLi is giving JoAnne her earrings
The Big Book of Why .....I'm sure she'll be spouting off facts in no time!
The big hit of christmas
A tv for her "office" with this on it.
It was hysterical watching her & JoAnne

I have a video but haven't up-loaded yet
Check out the outfit....especially the shoes
They lasted less than 5 mins......her feet hurt!
Christmas day at our house was more chaotic than usual.  "Someone" read the directions wrong on how to cook the extremely expensive holiday roast & "Someone Else" agreed with the stupidity so consequently dinner was more than 2 hours late.  Needless to say some of the crowd got a little unruly after an extremely long cocktail hour!  However dinner was delicious once it appeared on the table!
I was very lax with taking pictures once the confusion started so there isn't much to document the day(probably a good thing!)
There was a whipped cream fight that I caught part of!


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Happy birthday to my big brother Terry...........have a wonderful day!

Round Lake Village

Every time we go to Round Lake we wander down streets we've never seen before
A little people house
This garden was gorgeous
Look if you buy this house you definitely need to get along with your neighbors!
This house is even smaller & comes with a golf cart
This house really fascinated me
That stonework is incredible
They need to make it a little more welcoming

They are still working on my house

I would love to see the inside.......I hope they plan on selling it & then I can go to an open house
"Mama I have flyaway ears again today!"

Love Val

Snowy day in the park

I have an abundance of snow pics.  Between last Thurs & Monday we had 20 inches of snow!  We are so done with this white stuff!
 But I do have to admit it is pretty

 Makes for great pictures
 And you'll see from the next few pics how much Molly loves it!

   We take a two second pause.....
 ......& off again

 I do hope the hornets went to Florida for the winter

 This sums up the whole walk!