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A day in the life

 I got home late last night as I had gone to LiLi's graduation from to follow.  I had met Mark & Dani at their house & rode to school with them.  I decided to leave my purse in the car & just threw my glasses in my camera purse in case I needed them.

I got up up the un-godly hour of somewhere around 2:50am & left the house at 4:00am.  My commute to work has been a nightmare this year as they are working on the western gateway bridge going over the river & it is now only one lane in each direction with all kinds of delays at any hour of the day or night.  Coupled with them now working on 890 which is the highway I take after the bridge.  They mostly work on that at night closing on or off ramps & reducing it down to one lane from three with these huge glaring work lights.  I  can't imagine what genius decided all this needed to be done this summer but I swear it's some form of torture.  This morning it felt like I was on a weird carnival ride!

Anyway I finally made it to work only to discover I hadn't picked up my camera purse so did not have my glasses.  I made the following phone call:

Me:  "Hey Hon I forgot my glasses"

Popster:  "Huh"

Me:   " I have to have them!  I can't work without them"

Popster:  "You expect me to drive all the way there with your glasses?"

Me:  "Never mind I'll manage " (slamming down the phone)

I went down to get some carts out & found a pair of glasses in the lost & found box that's in the starter's shed.  They weren't exactly the right prescription but I figured they'd do in a pinch.
After I got back inside I called Popster back.  He was all showered & dressed & ready to leave to bring me my glasses but I said don't bother.  He then said :  " But I'm all dressed ready for work & it's only 5:00am!"  I replied:  "I'm sure Molly would love to go for a walk!"

Around 10:00am it started raining & before long it was heavy rain(again) & of course I had gone to work in sandals.  I left at lunch time & between my umbrella breaking & all the puddles I was soaked by the time I got to the car.  At that point it didn't matter so I just went grocery shopping & stopped at a couple of stores on the way home.  By the time I got home I was wet, tired  & cranky.  I pulled into the garage & started pulling stuff out of the car.  I had bags in each hand & when I tried to unlock the back door the key turned but the door wouldn't unlock.  After cursing a couple time I put everything down & tried again but I could not get the door to unlock.  The only other way in was the front door which meant I had to got back out in the rain & pray I had the key to it....we never go in that door.  Got in & then  had to make several trips out to the garage for groceries.  The last trip I needed to get in the trunk of my car. 

Guess what? 

It wouldn't open! 

It would click like it opened but wasn't unlocking.

About a half hour later Popster came home & tried to come in the garage door & I'm yelling for him to go around the front cus the door was broken.  He got out his keys , unlocked the door & walked in!
He then took my keys, unlocked the door again.


Oh yea.....he also opened my car trunk!

I'm blaming those bright glaring lights....I know it's some kinda mind-warping-torture!



  1. Do you drink? If you do make it a double and call it a night.


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