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Remind again why I'm torturing myself or day two

The pictures aren't the best but I couldn't be bothered getting the tripod out.  

 See that dumb green-lit took me 2 days, 59 trips to the store & I lost track of how much I spent.  Most people would have given up but not me cus I'm stubborn like that.  Sad to say I'm not sure I even like it now!
 This is the result of two days work but keep in mind I also washed all the windows on two floors of my house.  Popster even got dinner last night!  He couldn't sit down to eat as I have decorations & boxes on every surface of the house!

I am giving everyone fair warning first sign of snow this all gets put away!


  1. Your hard work paid off it all looks really lovely. Don't be so hard on yourself. Oh and clear off the table Popster wants dinner tonight.


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