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Earthquake, hurricane, tornado, tropical storms........

It has been quite crazy around the great northeast recently when it comes to weather.  Yes we did have a tornado touch down a few mile from here on Sunday.  Since then we have had nothing but clouds & rain, some of it torrential.  After heavy rain Weds, yesterday morning they had to evacuate all the areas that were hit hard last week because of potential flooding again.  I was at work as when the weather cleared in the morning we were super busy.

I work until 1:00 on Thurs & decided to go play a few holes with my buddy Dominic before I went home.  Around 2:30 I got a message from Popster telling me all the bridges across the river were closed again!  At that point I decided I'd better head home before rush hour as I needed to go quite a few miles out of my way to get home.

Bad choice!!!

Everyone had the same idea & I got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic all the way to the Northway.  That is always a heavily traveled road but yesterday it was a 6 lane parking lot.  After an hour I finally got on the northway but never got out of 1st gear until I crossed the river!  That's when I made another bad choice.  I got off the first exit after I crossed & headed home back towards the river figuring that if the Rexford bridge was closed there wouldn't be any traffic.


They had opened it again so now I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic again.  It took me 45mins to go the last 5 miles!

I should have just stayed there, finished my round & I would have gotten home in 25 mins instead of 2 hours!!


  1. OMG! I would have walked. I am not a patient person.
    I bet home never looked so good.

  2. And i thought we had all the trafic jams


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