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I know I haven't written many posts lately but life has turned crazy & I haven't had a lot of free time.  The weather has become a little more "spring-like" since Thurs so it really feels good.  Everything is finally coming to life!

I am back on my regular hours at the course & it has been totally nuts there.  We have a new computer program this year so it's really putting some extra pressure on us all.  As "Johnny Boy" puts it it's like having your "head kicked"!  Thurs morning we had the heaviest frost & were supposed to start tee-times at 9:00 but that wasn't going to happen.  With a pro shop full of people our phone lines went down which meant we couldn't run any credit cards!  We had to resort to the old fashioned way of doing them manually.  It got so crazy it was like getting kicked while you were down!  I come home from work mentally drained but on the plus side it will get easier.

I finally was able to get outside & do some spring clean up....our front yard had been dubbed the graveyard because Miss Molly had so much junk out there!

Speaking of the big black dog apparently she has gotten a reputation with Ed the UPS driver.  He delivered a package to my neighbor on Friday & said something to her about that big black dog being out again!  I guess he doesn't understand what an invisible fence is!
 We took Molly to the Round Lake bike path today & she had so much fun being able to run free for a while

 I do believe there is a sign of some green on this tree.

How about this being a sign of spring----dandelions!!!


  1. We skipped spring and it's a shame. Those little glimmers of life look so cool and unsweaty.
    Missed your posts


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