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Dead body, Shape-up sneakers & gas prices

When we were at Peeble's Island on Sat there were a lot of activity in the parking lot including a couple cop cars.  Come to find out about 45 mins before we got there a couple hiking the trail saw a body in the water.  This is the second this has happened to us while hiking with Bob & Noreen.  We were on the bike path in Ballston Lake last year just before someone's dog found a body.  Creepy!!!

I ordered a pair of shape-up sneakers & they came yesterday.  I have been very intrigued by them but wasn't about to pay well over $100.00 to see how they were.  The prices on them have come down so I ordered them.  I put them on & started walking around the house.  It felt like I was handicapped feels like you are walking on the balls of your feet & I thought I was going to fall on my face!  I was brave enough to wear them while walking Molly this morning & have had them on all morning.  I have to say once I got used to walking the correct way my legs feel terrific!  Not over $100.00 terrific!!!!

I had to get gas for my car today & it was almost $42.00 to fill up my little gas tank!!!!  I really don't put on a lot of miles in the winter so only put gas in my car maybe once a month.  Consequently I am seeing big jumps in the prices!!!


  1. Gas in the uk £1 36 lt and you think yours is expensive.

  2. That's for a liter or is it litre?????

  3. Since you don't drive often you ought to check your boot occasionally since you have a knack of being in the close proximity of corpses. EEEWWWW.

    Yes gas prices are nuts at the mo.

  4. I thought for sure this time I was going to hear your name on the news as the person who saw the body!


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