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Day 4 Recap

After the mess we've had for the last couple days I never expected the room to look this good in one day. In spite of the fact we had another 7-8" of snow over night Jim & crew were here by 9:00am with the sheet rock.

Check out Jim on stilts doing the taping....he totally amazed me at how quickly he was able to do that big room.  I asked him if he ever fell off the the stilts.....he said only twice because it hurts so much you learn in a hurry how to walk on them!

He did that whole seam ....24 feet one "swoop"!
They had to cap off the old plumbing before they put the last piece in.

Here is the room with the first coat of "mud". According to Jim he will come back tomorrow & Sunday to get the other coats of spackle done & they will paint on Monday. The cabinets are being delivered Mon & he plans on being able to start hanging them on Tues.......I'm so excited!

BTW the reason Molly is in the shots at the end of the day is because that's the only time she's allowed in the room!


  1. Will Jim work in Florida????? This chap is amazing. The kitchen looks like a room again.

  2. are right....amazing! He did say " Have hammer, will travel". I would offer to send him your way but I don't think I'm ever gonna let him go!


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