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Day 9 Recap

Today didn't start smoothly as we discovered a leak first thing in the corner of the kitchen.........there was an ice jam on the corner of the lower roof which was creating the problem.  When they put our siding on a couple years ago they didn't do the flashing right so it has to be fixed.  Jim had cut out a corner of the ceiling yesterday to do a temporary fix that he thought would divert the water outside but the ice was stopping that from working.  This has been some brutal weather the last couple weeks creating problems everywhere.  They got up on the roof & had to put some ice melt down as the ice was so thick.
I went out this morning to order my faucet so they had this much done by the time I got home.
This cabinet was a pain to put in!
How do you like the carpet in my sunroom?  It's called drifting snow!  A little cold on the tootsies!

They had to bring "Suzy" - the corner cabinet in through the french doors!

Davey is cutting off all the shims now everthing is in place.

So now all the cabinets are in place waiting for someone to come to template the counters...that is scheduled for Friday morning.
Davey is holding the ladder while Jim gets the rest of the ice off the roof.


  1. Wow, Val, your contractor has a nice butt!! He does nice work too!


  2. Took me a second.....but I'm thinking you may know my contractor????

  3. No fighting over him girls.

  4. These pictures make me want a new kitchen!
    I got here pressing the "Next Blog" button.

  5. Your kitchen is looking amazing! I just looked though all the pictures and it's amazing how different it looks. I love it!
    p.s. love the pictures of the dogs. the snow looks good on them :)


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