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Customer Relations

Monday has been my day all winter to go grocery shopping & it has been very interesting to say the least. I appear to be a magnet for LOP's (little old people) to ask for help to find things.

I frequently get "Do you work here?"

"Why yes, don't all sales clerks walk around in a coat & scarf?"

Last week I spent at least 10 mins helping a lady find the right toilet paper while discussing the merits of one or two ply? Pretty sad ugh?

Yesterday I was asked where the greek yogurt was. Now picture this lady....she was barely four foot...I towered over her & I'm only 5'2" on my tippy toes! She told me she was 101 years old & had never had greek yogart!

I wanted so bad to say "Well you go girl!" but I didn't think she'd get me!

As I walked away all I could think was...did she drive to the store by herself?


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