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Snow pops & cake!

I was inspired by someone else's blog when I found this recipe for making "snow pops" & mentioned to Mark how cute they would be for LiLi's birthday. His answer "Well you have fun making them!"

My first mistake was using red velvet cake mix. After baking the cake it had to go in the food processor to make it into crumbs. Well I had "red" crumbs all over the place! Next step was to make cream cheese frosting to mix with the crumbs so it could be formed into balls. Sounds very simple but very messy when using "red" velvet cake. By now everything within 5 feet is red ...........including my $25,00 manicure!

Okay, now chill for a while before coating with melted white chocolate.........which I decided to tint pink & purple. Why can't you get good old fashioned food dye anymore? I ended up with gel dye & as you can see by the "Peptol Bismal" pink "snow pops" I couldn't figure out how much to use!

I also burned the first batch of chocolate because I sometimes suffer from ADHD! I didn't chill the pops enough, along with the fact I made them a little too big so they kept either falling over or falling down the sticks!!!

Needless to say I was getting very took the better part of an hour to "chip" the spills off the counter , the floor & everyplace else I had it.

Okay - on to the cake! Keeping with the theme that LiLi wanted a pink cake I made a red velvet cake with pink frosting & sprinkles on top! At least I did better tinting the frosting this time.

I have to go now....................all that "creativity has just exhausted me! I am going to curl up in a fetal position & suck my thumb!


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