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Yes but where to?

A couple of funny things that Miss LiLi said to me Saturday.

I had done some cleaning & found a cute little pocket book that I thought she would like. I also put some beads in it from my jewelery box for her "dress-up" chest. When we walked in I told her I had a present for her & handed it over. She promptly gave it right back & said "No thank you Nana, I already have my own"!

A year ago Santa gave LiLi a siamese fighting fish which she had in a cute tank in her bathroom - which is done in a fish theme. Unbeknown to me the fish had died! Also this past Christmas one of her presents was to Build-a-bear & she had made a ballerina bear. I asked her if I could see it, so we headed upstairs to her room. On the way up we had this conversation:

LiLi: "Would you like to see fishie Nana?"

Me: "Sure"

Me: (looking in the tank) "LiLi, I don't see fishie in here!"

LiLi: "Oh, he's taking a walk!"

PS If you want to see LiLi with her ballerina bear go here.


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Happy birthday to my big brother Terry...........have a wonderful day!