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Why does it always get so complicated????

It has felt like I have been trying to tie up the "loose ends" to this remodeling project for ever...................I just wanted it to be done!! I really thought today was it but things never go according to plan. They were delivering the furniture today, I had Josh coming over with a friend to carry the old couch out to the garage, I had arrange for that to be picked up by the City Mission tomorrow, someone from a non-profit home furnishing program was coming to pick-up the old tv, vcr, stereo & assorted stuff. Sounds good right? Wrong!! Got the couch out to the garage - no problem. Delivered furniture - no problem. They had even put the entertainment center together & took the other one away - no problem.

Here's where "the plan" started to un-ravel! I very carefully unplugged the cable/dvr box & threaded the wire thru the back of the cabinet. Then just as carefully plugged them back in the EXACT WAY they were. Turned on tv to make sure the remote would work with the door closed. NO PICTURE!!! Rechecked everything. NO PICTURE!!! Called the cable tv tech advice hotline & spent the next hour on the phone plugging, unplugging, plugging & nothing we tried worked. Had to schedule a service call which would be sometime tomorrow between 8:00 AM & 5:00 PM. I decided to give it one more try un-connecting then reconnecting everything & guess what got a picture - one problem it was PINK!!!!! Called my tech person back & spent another hour plugging, unplugging, plugging,got anther new tech person & no matter what the picture was PINK!!! Finally gave up at 4:00 PM. Shortly after that Popster walked in the door & wanted to know what I had done to his tv!!! He decides to call the the Panasonic help line & now we got unplugging, plugging, unplugging both from cable box & tv & at the end of about another hour he came to the conclusion that the cables were bad - even though they were brand new! So we said to heck with it we would wait for our service call! Very frustrating as we couldn't sit on our new couch & enjoy our beautiful unless we liked PINK!!!

At that point I decided to take Liza for a walk while Popster was going to pull some branches off our roof before they became a problem. When I got back he had got the job done but not without falling off the roof!!! He didn't hurt himself as it was the back part over the deck so he didn't fall too far!! He then put on the gas grill to do some burgers for dinner but of course it ran out of gas! He lost the thumb screw that holds the tank on so we were crawling around on our hand & knees on the freezing cold deck looking for that! All in all a REAL FUN DAY!!

After dinner I sat down to catch up on some shows I had recorded even though they were in PINK...........I was afraid they might replace the dvr & then I'd lose everything! Scott stopped over to see our beautiful new tv & the look on his face was priceless!! He looked it all over & decided it was definitely the cables & said he was pretty sure he had a hi-def cable home that would replace the ones we had gotten from the cable company. he is supposed to bring it over tomorrow am & then he can help Popster get the tv off the wall again - it weighs almost 80lbs so it takes two people to lift it!

Meanwhile I'm going to bed before anything else happens! Goodnight!


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