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What happened to customer satisfaction?

I have spent the last few weeks shopping either on-line or in stores to complete the projects we have been working on since November. For the most part everyone seems to "bend over backwards" to make the consumer happy especially on-line stores like Amazon &
In fact I even bought our big screen tv from Amazon& I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone to buy one from them - it was free shipping which was scheduled by the freight company as to what time they bring it. It was brought into the house , unpacked & tested before they left!
Which leads me to why I feel the need to rant. After literally pounding the pavement from store to store to find a couch & entertainment center for the living room I finally narrowed it down to a few choices so I could talk the Popster into going shopping with me! He liked the choices so we bought them last night at Taft furniture. We scheduled delivery for the couch for next week but went to their warehouse to get the entertainment center so we could take it home with us. The cable guy had installed cable tv that morning & the tv was on the wall so I wanted to get everything else put away. Simple right? Not in my world. It came in pieces of course!!! Not a problem..........I have all kinds of free time - I'm unemployed!! I got up early this morning to tackle my project. It took probably a good 15 mins to unpack the box! Putting it together was not that bad - took about an hour. Last thing was putting on the top which had a very obvious defect in the finish! I called my salesman who, in turn, referred me to customer service. That was just a recording to leave a message unless it was important in which case dial 0 & end up with the same recording - I left a message & waited an hour - no one called. I called my salesman again & he assured me his manager would call me back. Waited again & finally customer service called & without going details I was told I had to take it apart, place it in the original packaging the way it came & return it to the store. Needless to say that was not an option I would consider so asked to speak to a manager. Again without going into details I had two options:
1. Same as above
2. They would send a technician to look at it to see if they could take it back!!!
I was also told it was my own fault as I did not inspect it before I left the store! At that point in the call I lost it & told them I was canceling the entire order. I was put on hold while she checked to see when they could schedule a technician! She came back on the phone & said they would bring another entertainment center when they deliver the couch.
I picked up every scrap of packaging, stuffed it back into the empty carton & taped it back up. The leftover screws all got thrown into one of the cupboards, the top isn't fastened down & that's the way they can pick it up! I am not taking it apart!!

I copied this from their web site - they got an e-mail from me saying my shopping experience was neither convenient or enjoyable!

We appreciate your business and everyone at Taft works together to make your Furniture shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.
Your satisfaction is important to us.


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