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The Lawn Mower Saga

Sometime at the end of May Popster bought me a new lawn mower. Yes to my is a "John Deere". He did all kinds of research & according to consumer reports this was the mower to buy. Well it worked terrific for approx 3 months & towards the end of Aug the cable(I call it the "dead mans" cable) that keeps the lawn mower running broke so of course I couldn't start it. After calling the "big box" store that it came from I was told I did not buy the extended warranty so they would fix it but at MY cost!
I needed to get the lawn mowed so I, of course being me, fashioned a way of joining the cable back together with a clamp. Sound good right? Wrong! It went twice as fast & after doing the back yard in half the normal I felt like I was trying out for the lawn mowing olympics!!!!!!!! Scott happened to across the street doing my neighbor's porch so he came to my rescue & cut a piece of wood that would keep the throttle open so it would start. Only problem I couldn't do it with my fingers so had to carry a screwdriver to pop the wood out to turn it off.

After several phone calls to John Deere 7 the "big box" store - L---'s I was getting very annoyed (to put it mildly)...........I finally called the store manager who agreed they would order a new cable for me without charge! He assured me it would be there within a week............wrong! I called, Popster called, I called, Popster called no cable. Then the cable came in but someone lost it!!! I called, Popster called, this went on forever.,........meanwhile I had to mow with a screwdriver in my pocket!
Then they needed us to identify the proper cable & it was ordered again. Finally after about 6 weeks of this I happened to be driving by the "big box" store & decided to pay my "friend" Pat the manger a visit. He looked at me like who are you? I said I'm surprised you don't recognize my voice but what the h--- is going on with the cable for my lawn mower??? He fell over himself apologizing but I said sorry but I am returning the mower & I want a new one. He looked at me I said well that is the least I can do for all the trouble we have put you through......I was in a state of shock but managed to stammer "I'll be back tomorrow"

Problem solved - lawn mower returned next day & replaced with a new one!

Best part - Julio called me the following day to say my cable was in!!!!


  1. Wow, not what you expect from John Deere at all! I've owned several cheaper mowers over the years and not once has the throttle cable failed. Anyway, glad it's sorted now :)


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