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Golly - What a weekend!!!!

And the craziness continues............I was planning to go to Mark & Dani's this weekend to help her clean Sophia's room & go through the "enormous collection" of clothes this little girl has already. We also had to start all the paperwork for the trip which is a little scary as our passports had to be sent to California to apply for our visas. Please, please, please UPS DO NOT LOSE THEM!!
Of course it was a crazy week with "the call" coming on Tues & I have been totally off the walls ever since. We are in the midst of projects in our house & I had two guys coming over Sat to start the tile in my downstairs bathroom. Of course it was Thurs before I realized we hadn't got the tile or the shower door! Off to the store that day & we were loading the car in less than 20 mins - my hubby couldn't believe shower door but we had the tile. The guys showed early Sat & ripped out the old shower in no time! I went down to tell I was leaving & they said I needed to show them how I wanted the tile laid out(it was 8x10 which made a difference). I just looked at them & said "whatever - I have more important things to think about now - have fun!" Obviously by now they've decided they are working for a "wacky lady"!
Today we had to go out to look for a shower door & a new faucet for the kitchen sink I did manage to order Thurs. We took Liza along for a ride & the poor dog was so "traumatized" on the way home as she had to sit on the big box the door came in! We were looking at each other like "duh" why didn't we think of that before we brought her to the store! Anyway after all that the shower look great, even though it wasn't my decision on how the tile were laid out, my kitchen sink will be in next week, I have my faucet the shower door is ready to hang so now I have to get going on the walls, but first there are a couple more outfits to finish for that little baby who has totally & completely taken over our lives!!!!!


  1. I may have to call Animal Protective Services!!!! Poor Lizzie had to ride on the top of a cardboard box??? Oh brother!!!!


  2. I may have to call Animal Protective Services!!!! Poor Lizzie had to ride on the top of a cardboard box??? Oh brother!!!!



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