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Brrrr - It's COLD

It's cold & I hate it!!!!! Winter has come way too early for me......already having to deal with snow, sleet & freezing rain -UGH! It takes 5 mins extra every morning to dress for my walk between the thick socks, boots, gloves & mittens. Then get Liza ready with her red winter coat! Then it's 5 mins to get undressed usually while needing to pee! I couldn't take her this morning as it was only 12 deg. My rule for her now she's getting old is it has to be 20 deg or sometimes a little colder if she really wants to go! I get the 3rd degree when I get back as she checks me(sniffs in dog language) to see if I have met any other dogs on my walk. I'm already praying for spring!


  1. Is this really your house? can't beleive the icicles, at least it's Christmassy

  2. Sorry Susan - I cheated & got that from the internet!


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