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Walking home & ghosts of a past life

 On our way home from St Ives Nigel was going to visit his MIL so he dropped Popster & I off in Bury so we could get some exercise by walking home
 He left us by the corner store & said "You know the short cut from here.  Right?"  Of course those words put Popster in a tailspin because, of course, he didn't believe I would remember!
 English gardens are so pretty even in winter.
 "This way Popster"  He followed me protesting all the way!
Look where we are !  On the right road!

 This used to be RAF Upwood & this was the base commander's there's pigs in the front yard???

 This is typical of what you see on the roads around here

 Snowdrops everywhere
 I am standing in the front of the house where I was born
 You still have to take your shoes off at the door!
 This is the back yard...behind that shed is the pond where I almost drowned when I was 4-5 years old.  My brother(yes Terry you)dared me to walk across a log, I fell off & almost drowned.  I was most upset because I lost a wellie!
 This house was so only the ghosts live there!
 This is the local pub......we used to torment the owner.  He considered us hoodlums!

 We once put firecrackers in this man's dustbins.....maybe we were hoodlums!

Oh the memories.


  1. lol what a naughty girl and what kills me is today you would be prsecuted for those childish pranks. I want that old ghost house...ohh the reno lol.
    How could you forget the way home home down the shortcut...silly popster.


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