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Off across the pond

 I am finally getting over jet lag & have downloaded all the pics from my camera so I can post about our trip back home.
 We flew out of Newark & the day we left was freezing cold with snow everywhere.  It was a weds & all the storms had been coming up the coast mid-week so I was sure we wouldn't get away without some kind of delay.
 We were lucky & the weather was clear so we had no problems & our flight left on time.  It was an overnight flight which was not fun, very cramped so no sleep, lots of turbulence & may have involved a battle with my boots & the bathroom door.  Good thing Popster is used to me & not too easily embarrassed!  We arrived safely, early, early Thurs morning & were met by my youngest (baby) brother Nigel & my nephew Barry.  My older brother Terry & my nephew Paul had also driven up from Canterberry just to say hi so we had coffee with them before driving back to Upwood

 Nigel & Susan live in the house I grew up in
This is Nelson....... part of the welcoming committee.....he helped make us feel a little better about leaving Molly
 This is Riley aka "that short guy".  He belongs to Barry & Zoe & they live right next door
 He was being very serious & wasn't having any part of me trying to make him smile!

 Finally he decided maybe I was okay!


  1. the short guy is so lovely. My dad is once again living in the house he grew up in....odd English way of doing things!


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