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Johnson's Farm Store

 We got up to rain on Weds morning so we had a slow start to the day.  We had finished another 1,000 piece puzzle
We took a ride to Johnson's Farm store in Oldhurst.....right across the street from where Nigel & Susan lived up until our mother died

 Look yummy potatoes & vegetables right from the farm

 This was one section of the gift shop

 These are all the exotic meats they sell here
 Burger anyone?

 More of the gift shop
 This peacock just wandered around everywhere

 As did the turkeys & ducks
 Some pigs
 Two tom turkeys strutting their stuff
 This was one of their wives

 Buffalo......I wondered if they've figured out why they are there?
 Big fat alligator.....does he know why he's there?  I wanted to tell them all to start running for the hills!
 He was bored & was taking a nap.
 There's that peacock again.....was peacock on the menu?
 Oh look that darn red kite taunting me again!

They have a really nice tea shop there so we went in & had lunch....delicious omelets & homemade bread.
This is the way people drive......on a narrow road they pull over & wait for you
 They should be so courteous in this country.
Look at the daffodils growing on the roadside.


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