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Molly's day at the spa....

 One of the reasons we liked the groomer we take Molly to is that she only keeps her there for about 3 hours.  She doesn't have her assistant anymore so told Popster we would need to leave her there all day!  Well that wasn't happening so we were looking for a new place to go.  Popster heard about a new girl just starting out right up the street so he checked the place out.  She said she could groom Molly in approx 2-1/2 hours so he made an appointment. 
 This is what I came home to.......a "poodle" hairdo complete with bows!  You are kidding me!!!
 As you can tell by the "tude" Molly thought the same thing
I asked what he thought to the groomer & he's telling how she shampooed her twice, the second time with some special shampoo for black dogs, & special conditioner....I knew we were leading up to something.  I asked a couple times "how much did she charge?" .....keep in mind our other groomer charged $65.00.  Finally he answered with "Well that's the bad news"  $118.00........I about choked on my lunch.  I had just come back from getting my nails done & had a hair appointment for later that day.  Let's just say the two women in Popster's life cost him dearly that day!
 This is what Molly looks like a week later

"Yes Momma.  Can you tell by my ears I've been drinking out of the fountain again!"

Love these pics of Molly 

Look at those ears!



  1. yikes. thats a lot of moola for the Molly but she is worth it. I have no idea how much it costs to get a BIG dog did around these parts. The bows made me laugh, they do that a lot to little pooches but I've never seen it for on a larger dog.
    I like the way she looks a week later....very natural. ha ha ha


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