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Mother's day bike ride

LiLi had a bad fall from her bike while learning to ride when she was younger & didn't want to try it anymore.  Jessie & I have been working on her the last couple years to get her riding a bike......every kid should know how to ride a bike!
On Mother's day we started our usual "spiel" & what do you know she said she would try it.  We made her sign on the dotted line & we were off to the store in the blink of an eye before she could change her mind.  We picked out some really cool bikes but she wanted this "plain jane no frills" one.  She even took the streamers off the handlebars!
Thank god for Jessie & Tyler running along on either side of her so she didn't fall

She's getting it!
"By jove I think she's got it"

This look on her face was worth every penny I spent!
We had resorted to bribery when she was getting frustrated.  Told her we would all ride bikes over to Marcellas for ice cream.
What a motley crew we were. Mark, Tyler & I were riding bikes.  Jessie, with Molly on a leash, was running along LiLi so she stayed out of the middle of the street & didn't fall.  Popster & Dani drove over.
Here we were. Wearing a couple layers because it was so cold & windy ordering ice cream?
We were the only ones sitting outside eating ice cream cones
Yes.......she ate the whole thing!!!  Bike riding is a lot of work!


  1. WEll done LiLi that's brilliant and your new bike is gorgeous. ha ha Ice cream on a freezing cold day is something we would do.
    Bike riding is so much much fun i'm so glad she got it and sadly Im sire there might be a scrape or too even now...I still get a couple LOL

    1. Oh yeah......I almost got one on the way home when I discovered my brakes didn't work! Whoops!


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