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Ferry to Cape May & on home.......

I don't think we needed reservations for the ferry
There were only around 30 cars on it

Molly checking out what's going on

 After we got underway I took Molly out of the car & we explored.  She made friends with everyone we met & checked out every square inch.

Coming into Cape May

Popster stuck his head but at this point he was going downhill rapidly......he was losing his "superman cape"!

 He drove as far as the thruway & finally gave in & let me drive home from there.  We got home around 6:30 & by 7:00pm were sitting in the urgent care clinic.  By now he looked, as well as felt, terrible.  His eyes were red & oozing crap & his throat was so sore he was positive he had strep.  He was finally seen by Doogie Howser's younger sister who "diagnosed" him with a sore throat caused by post nasal drip & conjunctivitis.  No strep!  He was sent home with a nasal inhaler, eye drops & something for his cough.  He proceeded to sleep the next 2days round the clock & I finally convinced him to see his own doctor on Tuesday, who put him on an antibiotic.  By Friday morning I was ready to call all the kids in for an intervention as he was not getting better & refusing to do anything I suggested.....the absolute worst patient ever..........I now know why my life skills never led me to nursing!!  Finally by Saturday he said he felt a little better & actually stayed awake most of the day.  He went back to work on Monday but it was the middle of the week before he really felt good again.


  1. your caring understanding side must be hiding somewhere LOL. Oh my goodness this made me laugh out loud. Tell popster I hope he is feeling better. This must be why you never seem t go on holiday it appers things go awry


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