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Bog Meadow Nature Trail

 We had to go up to Saratoga last weekend to get some brick for our patio....we are finally getting our path to the shed redone & while they are here they will fix some places on the patio where it's sinking.
 We remembered this trail which we haven't walked for years.  They had been paving the road & this truck was stuck in the parking lot.  They couldn't get the bed to go down so it wouldn't fit under the wires.

 I remembered it being a little muddy underfoot but it's been so dry the last few weeks it was fine.

 See all the canadian geese out there

 This is where it starts to live up to it's name.

At this point it seems like you are going into a tunnel
 This is where it actually crosses the bog

 A place to rest & enjoy the sunshine



  1. That truck looks dangerlously close to those wires.
    When we were little my brother and sister made me go into a bog near our house, allthetime, and see how long it would take for me to get my wellies stuck. THen they would run home and say, mummy, dawn lost her wellies in the bog again!

    1. We had a pond behind our house with a dead tree that went part way across it. My brother would dare me to walk on it & I always lost my wellies!! Plus I almost drowned one time......he got in big time trouble for that one!

    2. OMG, what is with brothers! My brother saved my sister from drowning she felll in our pool when she was really little. But Im sure he probably helped her in many times too


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