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Why can't I pull the trigger?

Back in April before I went back to work my friend Eileen e-mailed me I asked if I wanted to go with her to the Gloversville Sewing store(quilter's heaven).  I was like.... be ready in five mins!   Anyway off we went & when we walked through the door I was in total awe of all the sewing machines.  She had been there the week before to take her machine in for service & had looked at the newer models.  She ended up putting a deposit on Bernina 710 & I sat there & drooled while she was trying it out.  I went home & told Popster about my day & mentioned I had machine envy!   His answer "You really liked it?  Go buy it."  I couldn't even think about spending that much on a sewing machine

Fast forward to this past week when I finally had some time to go browse the store to see if that machine was still available.  Of course they had come out with a new line & that machine had been upgraded to the 740 & was still about the same price.  However, because they didn't have one on display I looked at the 770QE.  This model comes with the BSR which is something I would want to add as it makes free motion quilting a lot easier. I can also add the embroidery package to it if wanted to later.

I left the store totally overwhelmed & didn't sleep at all that night because I had dollar signs running around my brain.  It's seemed crazy to spend that much on a sewing machine & now I was thinking about spending another $1,000....gulp!  Talked it over again with Popster & his answer "Get the better one.  Never mind the difference in price!"  My problem is the I'm not wired that way.  I talked about it all the way around the golf course with the girls on Monday & to anyone else who would listened & still couldn't decide.

Then yesterday something eye-opening happened.  I was at work when an an old friend stopped by to say Hi. He & his wife were part of a circle of friends that all played golf together & also went on golf trips.  Lots of fun times.  About 12 years ago they moved to Florida & we only see them when they take a trip up to see relatives.  They hadn't been here in a few years.  When I asked him where Roe was he told me she was in a nursing home, having been diagnosed with Alzheimer a year ago.  He showed me a video clip he had taken recently which  hit me right in the gut!  She was so sharp, always laughing, & impeccably dressed.  She is only a few years older than me.

Life is very fragile!

Guess where I'm going tomorrow?



  1. good for you. The winter will be with you soon and this is your thing, so ( 0r should I say sew) do it up right.

    1. Very quippy! So(sew) I did it! Did it up right!


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