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Guided tour of Jenkins Park....tour leader Miss Molly

 Popster & Molly discovered a new trail at Jenkins Park which is right around the corner from our house
 We have been going there for years but usually just to the ball field where Popster throws the frisbee for Molly to chase.  They have been working on these trails for a while now & they finally finished

They are well marked & have a layer of crushed stone in the beginning
 The bridge leads to the red trail
 Molly is showing us the way

There are a number of benches along the way

 This is why it's called the Pine Forest

After coming out  from the woods the trail goes all the way around the playgrounds & pond
A couple of self-portraits for Dawn who left a comment  about me never being in any pics!



  1. oh you are a comical one aren't you?
    It's a good thing that this person who is not in to dogs at all, finds Molly so lovable

    1. Wait til you see the pics I took of her today with the little kids at LiLi's soccer games......she let them do whatever they wanted!


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