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Shenantaha & wildlife

 Saturday we decided to take a walk at Shenantaha Park just for something different....every place around here still has snow & ice or muddy, muddy trails because the ground is still frozen.
 This is Ballston Lake which is overflowing as the snow melts

 Here's a good view of how the water is sitting on top of the grass because it has no place to go!

 The sky was an amazing shade of blue
 One of the streams carrying snow melt
 Skinny Molly playing in the snow

 Then on our way out of the park we saw this coming at us down the hill.
 It's a coyote & he decided to go the other way (phew)
 This pair apparently confused this puddle with a pond?


  1. I just love how you calmly write, .....and saw his coming at us down the hill.
    WTHeck? I would have had 99 heart attacks and feinted.
    Was it running, weriously would have died...or run. No way could I have stayed ca

    1. Dawn I was too busy trying to get a good picture to worry about whether he was running!! What would be the use in posting something like this without proof! LOL

    2. well since you made that point, I have to sAay I understand


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