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Boston ferns & acorn ownership?

For some reason or another(it was eons ago so I have no idea) I bought Bostons Ferns for the front of the house.
I wasn't sure it would suit them as they prefer moist, humid conditions......
.......well guess what.....they are huge & about attack you!
Even I have to duck when walking under them!
 I think I mentioned in a previous post about this being a banner year for fact as I sit at my computer writing this they are "bombing" my roof.  I went outside last week to rake some of them up as the lawn mower doesn't particularly like them.  My "warm & fuzzy" neighbor came out with his blower & was working in his yard at the same time.  Not a word was spoken until Popster came home & the next thing we hear is this tirade that went something like "I'm so &*%^$* sick of &^%$#@ cleaning up these (*&%#%#$ acorns from your ^%$#*&^ trees.  When are you going to do the neighborly thing & get rid of them?"  My answer:  "The trees were here before you" 

One of the things that attracted us to this neighborhood was the fact it has such beautiful tree lined streets.  Our property has a lot of mature trees that I love.  We have cut quite few since we've lived here & I get very upset every time.  Sure it's a lot of work in the fall but I still think it's worth it.  We have trimmed the branches that were overhanging his house but I refuse to ruin perfectly good trees because a few acorns fall on his property.  Like I said the trees were there when he moved in! 

He needs to get a life or I need to put on my best Dr Dolittle & tell those lazy squirrels & chipmunks to quit teasing Molly & start picking up their share of the acorns


  1. Mieserable old G*t. One good thing, the only good thing about living here, is none of my neighbours speak to me, they can't I don't speak Spanish. Perhaps you should pretend to be even more foreign from now on!


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