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"Entertainment comes free with installation"

 I was up early mon morning because they were coming to put the floor down in the living room......yeah.... we would be on our way to not having to maneuver our way around all the furniture piled everywhere.
The day didn't start well!  My cell phone rang early!  It was Larry telling me his truck broke down.  My answer was "then you need to call your boss & figure out plan B because my floor is being done today"...very sympathetic aren't I?  After about a half dozen phone calls they were sending another crew. 

Bad news they wouldn't be there until 10:00.  Good news they were sending 3 guys to make sure it got done.

Bad news they didn't show up until almost 11:00.  Even badder news they sent George Costanza & 2 "mountain men" from Deliverance one of which went home sick after 45 mins(if I had to guess he was suffering from "monday morning hangover" or too much moonshine over the weekend) 

However they did appear to know what they were doing once they got started.  We had to keep George on task as he liked to talk & mountain man played very loud country & western music on his phone....totally obnoxious.  I detest most country & western music!  That was between getting texts every 5 mins from his girlfriend who was suffering from having to go thru the prep for a colonoscopy.  TMI!!!!

Things were going along fairly well until I heard this conversation between them while they were trying to figure out a new nail gun they needed to use for the edges.

George:  "Lets read the instructions?"

Mountain Man:  " Nah  We'll figure it"

George:  "Weren't the instructions in the box?"

MM:  "Dunno I threw it away!  We can always google it"

George:  "What's google?"

Entertainment comes free with installation!

It was a long day between the hammering, the compressor & worst of all listening to MM singing off key to the music coming from his phone but we got through it & the end result is beautiful


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Every time we go to Round Lake we wander down streets we've never seen before
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