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18 things we have learned during this latest remodel or "So you think your house is clean!"

As you can see by this pic we are still in a state of's hard when there's 3 rooms to work on at the same time.  On a positive note the waterbed finally got up to temp on Sunday so no more sleeping on the couch.....I'm such a baby & missed my bed sooooo much!  I decided to make a list of random things that happened during this project & here they are in no particular order.
  1. Do not assume you will remember exactly where your bed needs to be...measure & write it down.
  2. Make sure "said" bed is where it belongs BEFORE  filling it with water.
  3. Be careful what you wish for because it may happen in the blink of an eye.....I am referring to getting all 3 rooms done at once.
  4. It is possible to pick out a paint color in less than 5 minutes.......especially when you have 2 days to totally empty the room & closet & get it painted.
  5. In reference to the above do not let your hubby help you empty the closets unless you want to listen to "I can't believe you have this many pairs of shoes!" or "Do you realize you own 150 coats!"  "How can you possibly need  all these clothes!"  over & over again.
  6. You will embarrass your hubby if you march into L*wes & ask where they keep the "elephant barf " that comes in a can!
  7. You will also need him to translate when you ask for window caulk in your best british accent!
  8. Also when he wants to go pick up 12 foot long pieces of baseboard or shoe make sure to bring ear muffs & fur lined mittens because it will be sticking out of your window on the way home!
  9. Measure twice, cut once.....we know this from lots of experience.  That's why I was in the driveway yesterday(wind chill around 0 degrees) wearing my down coat, nanuck fur hat, mittens & my pink slippers helping Popster re-cut our closet doors!
  10. Also when installing "said doors" the roller hinges are marked "A" & "B" for a reason
  11. Resist the urge to break out into insane laughter when your hubby is laying in the floor sucking on a hose while trying to siphon the water out of the bed....he will not find it at all amusing!
  12. Also don't say "Hang on I need to go get my camera!"
  13. In reference to alternate title to this post all you "clean" fanatics out there..... completely empty your closet & you'll find where all the "dust woobers" go when they hear the vacuum cleaner coming!
  14. Better yet take all the drawers out of your dresser....that's where the rest of them are hanging out having a party.  As a bonus you may find some of those SWPs you have been missing & who knows what else!
  15. Be sure to turn off all ceiling fans when carrying in long pieces of baseboard, moldings etc.
  16. When you are told refinishing hardwood floor can be messy & dusty multiply that by a few thousand!
  17. You will begin by saying it's only 3 rooms how messy can it be?  It will involve your entire house & there will be dust everywhere!
  18. Buy swiffer dusters by the will need them.



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