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Wildlife at Peeble's Island

Popster is in Florida.....freezing his butt I might Molly & I are footloose & fancy free.
Friday was a fairly nice day so I decided to go to Peeble's Island.  Jessica & boyfriend Tyler tagged along.  Tyler is as much into photography as me so he was like a little kid in a candy shop
If you look closely here this tree was home to lots & lots of crows.....a murder of crows!

We spotted what we thought was a pair of bald eagles.....that was when I wanted to tie a rope on Tyler so he didn't fall over the edge in excitement.
My tree is still surviving!
Watching Tyler in action made me realize I was watching myself!  The two of us would have driven Popster crazy!
A couple of deer down by the water
This one decided to flee

As we were driving away I had to slam on the brakes & throw the car in park because Tyler spotted this.
We're thinking a golden eagle??  I didn't have my zoom lens with me so this is a good as I could get. 

Then came the thrill of the day.  We were driving home along the river when we saw a couple cars pulled over so I did another slam-park & jumped out of the car,  Not more than 8 feet away was a bald eagle perched in a was incredible to see it up close but unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a picture before he flew away.


  1. Love the photos. I'm guessing by the confession of the slam-park technique, that Popster is here in Florida getting treatment for Whiplash. Crazy photogs


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